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Building Our Future embodies the essence of this vision - coming together as a family to build a future for the next generation. Our aging facilities present significant challenges to our faith formation, music programs, administrative operations, and community worship. Holy Family parishioners today benefit from the blessings of our predecessors. Over 100 years passed since our parish founders gifted us with this parish. The time is now for us to do the same. 


Established in 1907-one year after the incorporation of Glendale-Holy Family has grown to become the home for Catholic life in the city. Today, Holy Family serves over 5,000 families.


Over the last decade, our community has continued to grow. So too has our need for space to house all the wonderful activities, meetings, and ministries. Though our grounds have served us well, it is time to consider how we can update our facilities to better serve our community.


Our parish and schools, the facilities we utilize today and our ministries originated form the dedication and sacrifice of the generations of Holy Family parishioners who came before us. Now is the time for us to do the same for future generations by supporting this campaign.

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