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Find answers to your questions about our campaign below.

  • What is the Building Our Future Campaign?
    The proposed Parish Center will consolidate the aprish offices to allow staff and ministry leaders to work more effectively together. New multi-purpose rooms will be used for meetings and social spaces for various ministries and church-sponsored events. A new food pantry and goods storage will enable our service ministries to better help and care for those in need in our community. The campaign is the first phase of completing the projects identified in our larger Master Plan. Fulfillment of our Master Plan offers exciting opportunities to continue to grow our parish family, our service to others, and our faith through the ministries which enhance and enrich our worship.
  • Why is this Campaign needed?
    Today, we serve over 5,000 families that join us in worship, attend our schools, and give back to the community through our outreach programs. Holy Family is prepared to continue growing, but our facilities are not conducive to this growth. The new Parish Center will consolidate our offices, ensure new and expanded programs for our parishioners, increase our outreach in the community through both the schools and our services to the poor, and centralize our campus with multiple meeting rooms. Our vision for the future is exciting, and our efforts ensure that Holy Family will remain vital and vibrant community for generations to come.
  • Why are we doing this Campaign now?
    We are the benefactors of the foresight and generosity of past generations who have helped to establish and build our parish and schools. We are now called to do the same for the next generation-and it is up to us to preserve and pass on what we have been blessed to inherit.
  • What has gone into preparing for the Campaign?
    In 2009, the Master Plan for Holy Family began with input from the parish via in pew and online surveys as well as focus group discussions, Pastoral Council, and Town Hall Meetings. Space needs and parking requirements for the Parish were developed. In 2013, the Master Plan proposal was presented to the Diocese Building Committee, with revisions submitted in January the following year. In March of 2014, the Master Plan Proposal and the idea of a Capital Campaign to fund the plan were presented at the Leadership Council. In 2016, CCS Fundraising conducted a Feasibility Study to further assess our ability to conduct this Phase 1 campaign. For the past two years, the Campaign Task Force committee has prepared for the launch of the campaign by determining our Campaign's theme and messaging, case for support, prayer, and other collateral for the project.
  • How will the Campaign affect our Parish offertory?
    Offertory giving is expected to remain steady. We do not ask parishioners to diminish giving to their parish. Rather, we ask them to consider a gift to the Campaign above and beyond their regular offertory giving. Every effort will be made to remind families of the importance of continuing to support their parish, as well as Together In Mission. In the long term, Campaigns such as these have helped increase Parish offertory giving. Parishioners are encouraged to continue to embrace stewardship as a way of life and strengthen their vision of what it is to be a member of the Church.
  • How will the current spaces be utilized?
    The space the current parish offices occupy will be re-purposed as additional parking spaces, including handicap spaces next to the Church for those requiring special consideration of their monility needs.
  • What phase will the schools be incorporated in the Master Plan and what will be done?
    The schools are very much part of the broader Master Plan. In Phase 2, we intend to construct a new hardscape playground for the grade school, a new play yard for the grade school, and an outdoor area and quad for the high school. Our decision to start with the Parish Center in Phase 1 is based off collective feedback from our parishioners. In 2009, the Master Plan began with input from the parish via in-pew and online surveys as well as focus group discussions, Pastoral Council, and Town Hall Meetings. In 2013, the Master Plan proposal was presented to the Diocese Building Committee, with revisions submitted in January the following year. In March of 2014, the Master Plan Proposal and the idea of a Capital Campaign to fund the plan were presented at the Leadership Council. Ultimately, our Master Plan was created with the Parish Center viewed as the first priority-as parishioners adn school families will all benefit from it.
  • What is the timeline for the project?
    The Campaign will launch in Fall 2018, with initial efforts directed towards the planned Parish Center. The total Campaign is estimated to take apporximately 10 months. Construction is intended to begin in 2020.
  • Will the schools be able to sustain the operation costs of the new facilities, respectively?"
    The increase in operational costs will be shared by the parish, and the grade and high schools, respectively.
  • Will tuition or fee revenue be used to fund the Master Plan?
    No, all expenses for the project will be raised during the Campaign.
  • Will tutition increase as a result of the Master Plan?
    No, tuition increases will not result from the Master Plan and its Campaign.
  • What is the Called to Renew Campaign?
    Called to Renew is a Capital and Endowment Campaign by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in an effort to raise $500 million to elevate parishes; strengthen ministerial outreach; support vocations and seminarian education; and provide additional funding for scholarships to Catholic schools, religious education, and college campus ministries.
  • How will Called to Renew be part of the Holy Family Campaign?
    Parish stewardship and diocesan stewardship should not be either/or choices. No parish on its own can accomplish all its goals, and no diocese can succeed independent of its parishes. This collabroation allows the Catholic Church as a whole to accomplish the most that it possibly can in educational, charitable, and pastoral programs from each dollar contributed to both parish and diocesan appeals. This is an amazing opportunity to support programs across the Archdiocese.
  • How is the Campaign different from offertory, Together In Mission, or special appeals?"
    This Campaign is a special effort undertaken by the Holy Family community. This Master Plan, and the Campaign, are over and above our regular operations. We are asking each family to conisder a sacrificial gift that is also above and beyond their current giving. This Campaign is also in addition to Together In Mission and Called to Renew, which support other Parishes throughout the Archdiocese, and in addition to any special appeals to support priest retirement, the seminary, or other causes.
  • Why are pledges encouraged instead of one-time donation?
    Pledge commitments over five years allow families to make more sacrificial gifts that they might otherwise be capable of making with a one time gift. A larger contribution is easier to pay off over a period of time rather than out of pocket. Please note that pledges are not legally binding contracts, but rather a statement of what you intend to do.
  • Is a 10% initial payment required?
    No, but it is encouraged. We cannot start addressing our Capital needs until money is collected. Making an initial payment of 10% will help our parish begin projects sooner. Also, an initial payment of any amount demonstrates your commitment to fulfilling your pledge.
  • How will pledges be collected?
    Holy Family has contracted with a vendor to receive payments and pledges, and will manage the redemption of gifts. The vendor will track pledges and gifts, and handle payment reminders over the designated five-year pledge period. E-checks and credit/debit card payments are also accepted and encouraged.
  • Can I pay my pledge with an e-check or by credit/debit card?
    Yes. We encourage paymnets by e-check or credit/debit card. Using one of these payment methods saves significantly in postage over the five-year redemtion period.
  • Do you accept other methods of payment?
    Holy Family seeks to raise $7 million over a five-year period. To make fulfillment of pledges as easy as possible, we are accepting many forms of payment including, but not limited to: stock donations, IRA distributions, and corporate matching gifts. We will also accept bequests and other planned giving vehicles within guidelines. If you are interested in any of these, please indicate your preferred giving method on the pledge card and a Campaign representative will follow up with you.
  • Can I make a matching gift with my employer?
    Yes, corporations endeavor to match the charitable contributions of employees. Please contact your company's human resources professional to determine if your company has a matching gift program.
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