As we celebrate the sacrifices of our founders, we realize now is the time to build upon the foundation they entrusted to us. Through God's blessings, our community has grown into a welcoming parish of over 5,000 families. We established a strong tradition of worship that makes us a vibrant, active, and dynamic place for parishioners of all ages to grow in faith, and share in the good news as we connect with Christ, each other, and those in need. 

I am delighted and grateful to announce the launch of our Capital Campaign for Holy Family, Building Our FutureWhile there is much to celebrate in the beauty in our parish community's growth, our facilities have been outgrown and can no longer meet the needs and capacity of our families. This Campaign will provide much-needed funding for our parish, schools, and programs.

To be successful, we are asking every parish family to make a gift from the heart. If I am asking you to make this sacrifice, then I, as your pastor and fellow parishioner, will also make a sacrificial pledge. Before you decide on the amount of your gift, please prayerfully consider the generosity God has shown you, and the importance of our mission.

Holy Family is particularly blessed as your generosity touches not only our parish family, but directly impacts our brothers and sisters in Christ through our outreach in the city of Glendale and our neighboring communities. This is an opportunity to put skin on the challenge to be the hands of Christ! I am blessed to be your pastor, and confident we can make Building Our Future a success.

Your brother in Christ,



Rev. James M. Bevacqua